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Flavour: Strawberry Kiwi
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EssentialMAX (EAA)

Arguably the best essential amino acid product on the market at the moment, EssentialMax contains clinically dosed servings to help bring the best possible product to our customers with no compromise whatsoever.

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Uniquely among EAA formulas - we omit tryptophan which as a precursor to 5htp can cause sleepiness (so is often only included by some brands in minescule doses) and replaced it with L-Alanine which while being a non essential amino acid, is involved and depleted in the production of energy from blood glucose - this makes it a useful inclusion intra workout - especially if being used along side a carbohydrate supplement.

The formula:

- 3g leucine
2.5g Isoleucine
2.5g valine
1000mg beta vulgaris
L-Lysine 500mg
L-Histidine 500mg
L-Threonine 250mg
L-Methionine 500mg
L-Phenylalanine 500mg
L-alanine 250mg

B vitamin complex

Please see below for studies on the active ingredients

for the BCAA component of EAA

Beta Vulgaris

Available now in Strawberry kiwi or mango root. stacks perfectly with VascuMax or KarboMax intra workout Karbo-lyn blend.

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