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Fat Reduce FBO5

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night Time formulas are powerful fat burning tools designed to support optimization of the hormonal factors which govern fat loss. A 30 day Fat Reduce trial including 30 patients demonstrated an average increase of over 400 calories per day in metabolic expenditure without any changes to diet or exercise.*

Half of the patients were male and the other female. Each patient performed a resting metabolic rate test to determine a baseline of fat burning. The patients were instructed to make no changes to their nutrition or exercise programs over the 30 days besides adding the Fat Reduce FBO5 Day and Night time formulas. The follow up resting metabolic rate tests at the end of the 30 day period demonstrated excellent progress.*

Patients were very pleased with the amount of body fat lost over the 30 days and reported great energy as well as mood. Dr. Serrano was very pleased with RMR increases which provide a powerful measurement of fat loss formula effectiveness. There were no reports of adverse side effects and trial participant feedback was favorable.*

A 30 day Fat Reduce FBO5 trial including 30 patients demonstrated an average increase of over 400 calories per day in metabolic expenditure without any changes to diet or exercise.*

Hormones govern fat loss

Extensive blood work was performed before and again after the trial to measure the beneficial changes in specific success markers.

The PM Fat Reduce formula was designed to promote relaxation to help transition into a high quality of sleep. Improving the quality of the sleep cycle is one of the easiest things anyone can do to make major improvements to their hormonal profile.*

Fat Reduce FBO5 is comprised of a unique blend of ingredients split into an day time and night time formulas. The Day time formula is designed to increase metabolic rate, energy and mental focus and related fat burning mechanisms. Taken once at night the night time formula will help people to transition into sleep by lowering stress levels. Relaxing helps to avoid the common pit falls of late night overeating and poor sleep which contribute to body fat accumulation. Mounting research exists to suggest that sub optimal sleep results in a greater prevalence of overeating and selection of high sugar food items.*

Using the Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Time formula 1-2 hours before bed helps clients earn restful sleep so they can wake up with great energy to train or perform other fun exercise activities.*

Scientifically engineered supplements

Dr. Serrano is well known for his formula design capabilities and unparalleled ability to test products with his patients who are representative of the population at large. Informal feedback testing began in June of 2004 before a more elaborate study was set up for the fall. Several dozen people from all walks of life have tried the product and have reported favorable results with 100% confirming that they would be willing to buy the product for themselves and relatives based on the results earned during their 30 day experience using the product.*

Optimize fat burning hormones

Increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) activate fat storage receptors and ruin insulin sensitivity facilitating a fat storing environment. The by product of stress is emotional eating and or binging on sugar rich food choices further contributing to body fat accumulation. Body fat levels have risen steadily among the North American population over the past 10 years in addition to other factors stress is a leading cause for this negative trend.*

Poor insulin sensitivity results in the over secretion of the insulin (powerful fat storage hormone) forcing the body into a constant fat storing environment. Sluggish metabolic rate- caused by numerous factors including under eating for an extended period of time, low anabolic hormone levels, genetics and many others. Multiple ingredients within Fat Reduce FBO5 help to kick metabolism into high gear.*

Fat Reduce FBO5 provides a solution to these 3 key barriers to success and can facilitate fantastic body fat reductions especially when combined with proper diet and exercise.*

Supplements Ingredients List

Fat Reduce FBO5 Day Time Formula

    • Serving Size 3 Capsules 90 caps per bottle

    • Vitamin D- 400 IU

    • Calcium- 200mg

Proprietary Blend of Ingredients 1412.50mg

    • Forslean®-Increases Atp expenditure and burns stored body fat.*

    • L-Tyrosine-Increases dopamine levels resulting in better focus- reduced appetite and cravings.*

    • Phellodendron Amuvense-Decreases Cortisol*

    • Panax Ginseng- Increases Free Testosterone and improves insulin sensitivity.*

    • Green Tea- Beta agonist- increases fat burning- powerful antioxidant- improves energy and reduces appetite.*

    • Cayenne Pepper-Increases thermogenesis and energy levels.*

    • L-carnitine-Mobilizes stored body fat for fuel*

    • Lipoic Acid- Improves insulin sensitivity, helps to maintain Lean Muscle Tissue, drives Glucose to muscles instead of stored fat.*

    • Yerba Mate- provides mental clarity and sustains energy.*

Fat Reduce FBO5 Night Formula

    • Serving size 2 Capsules 60 caps per bottle

    • Chromium- 100mg Improves insulin sensitivity.*

Proprietary Blend of Ingredients 1535 mg

    • Fenugreek

    • Epimedium- Lowers cortisol and increases blood vessel circulation.*

    • L-Theanine Creates feelings of relaxation and helps to induce sleep.*

    • Phosphatidyl Serine-Lowers cortisol to reduce stress and improves sleep quality.*

    • Rhodiola Rosea -Decreases cortisol and creates feelings of relaxation.*

    • L-Carnitine Tartrate- Mobilizes stored body fat.*

    • GABA

    • DMAE

    • LongJax® Increases LH- Precursor to testosterone*


1 Buxton E., et al. Baseline Fitness Testing Inc Pending Publication

2.Rennie, M.J, and KD Tipton, Protein and Amino acid metabolism during and after exercise and the effects on nutrition. Ann. Rev Nutr. 20:457-483,2000

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