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You're gonna be a contender

Whether you're climbing into the ring, warming up on the track, squaring up against the opposition on the field or just testing your mettle against the iron in the gym – you want to focus on winning. You don't want to be wondering if or when you're body is going to reach it's limit, when it might crack under the strain or fail you at the ultimate moment. This is where the new RAGING FULL steps in. We can't supplement the winners desire in you, but we can promise you'll be able to push your body to it's former limits and then beyond...


Let's face it there are a dime and dozen formulas for pre-workout training these days. And what do most have in common? A lot of stimulants and a few token nods to 'real' power, endurance, stamina, energy. At the other end of the market you get simple carb formulas for extreme endurance events, long distance running or cycling, not something that seems suitable for other disciplines.

So why is RAGING FULL neither of these? Because we prefer to do things differently at AD. We're focused on winning too. That means we are building a very select number of products that work for elite athletes and serious trainees without any of the garbage and hype.

Do you need another dose of caffeine powder? Probably not. If you need stimulation because you're permanently tired or just so over-medicated with stimulants that you need a bigger and bigger dose every week just to drag your body through another substandard session – that's probably telling you something about your regime.

Now let's also face it – carbs have gotten into a bit of a mess PR-wise over the years. Whether it's low-carb, ultra-low-carb, zero-carb, higher carb, post-workout carb, paleo single carb – nobody seems entirely sure what to do with this macro any more. But let's look at it like an athlete, with cold, military precision. What carb intake is going to help me succeed? And that's the approach we took with RAGING FULL. It's a targeted smart-bomb of a SuperCarb. So other than being a cool supplement tag-line what does that actually mean?

Well the primary use of carbs, no matter what your sport, should be a carefully timed peri-workout window. That is just prior, during and immediately after the training. These are carbs designed to be used as nitro-fuel for your event or training session and to help force nutrients into muscle tissue to prepare for the next one and avoid damage and excessive repair time. It's both tactical and strategic use of carbohydrates.

We use a special blend of advanced carb types, backed up with an advanced mineral support formula and a Drive & Pump complex that doesn't include any unnecessary stimulants or counter-intuitive ingredients – just large usable quantities of things like free form L-Taurine and L-Citrulline, GMS and Agmatine. Stuff that actually DOES SOMETHING and in quantities that actually WORK.

We ensured that a serving delivers precisely 25grams of super-carbohydrates – why this much, when some formulas are jam-packed with over 100grams in some serving suggestions? Because you don't NEED more and because this is the perfect amount to not only fuel immediate activity, refuel damaged muscle tissue, swell cell volume but it also doesn't overstimulate storage hormones like insulin and start to interfere with the natural fat burning process of exercise. We also used a set of ingredients specially designed to not cause bloating or gastric distress. That's often overlooked but feeling like you have a lead stomach or bowels that are going to explode is guaranteed to ruin your peak performance.

We lightly flavoured this all natural orange oils and sweetened with the herbal sweetener Stevia leaf (with a tiny proportion of Sucralose to offset the mildly bitter after-taste of Stevia – however the amount of Sucralose is a tiny fraction of most formulas out there – and we use no artificial sweeteners like Aspartame). This means RAGINGFULL is a very naturally pleasant orange tasting drink with none of the sickly artificial sweetness of most carb formulas and none of the health concerns from artificial sweeteners like Aspartame.

So a formula that fuels your body, replenishes lost electrolytes, swells cell volume, repairs and recovers, deters muscle damage and does all this without using toxic ingredients or stimulants, without causing a lot of stomach problems and without messing up your natural fat burning mechanisms? I don't know about you, but at AD we call that 'A Real Contender'.

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