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Recover EAA is a complete essential amino acid supplement, supplying all nine essential amino acids your muscles require to build and repair protein.

Surely consumers don’t need yet another copycat EAA supplement, right? But, here’s the thing...Take a close look at those other EAA formulas, and you’ll notice a few things:

  • They add in tons of “filler” amino acids like glutamine, taurine, and glycine to bulk up the total amino count
  • They under-dose the most important (and expensive) amino acids
  • They completely leave out one or two of the essential amino acids because they are difficult to flavour
  • They taste terrible

Recover EAA™ was formulated to address the shortcomings rampant in the amino acid market and provide a formula that not only supplies quality doses of ALL NINE essential amino acids but delivers “enhanced recovery” that you’ll feel and notice from the very first serving.

What are the key features of this EAA supplement?

  • 14g EAA
  • 10g BCAA
  • Pro-hydrating electrolytes
  • Instantized for rapid absorption

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