Chemical Warfare Pulsate


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Chemical Warfare Pulsate - Heart Health Complex

What is PULSATE?

Chemical warfare brings you PULSATE a heart health complex, strategically designed to provide you with clinically dosed widely researched ingredients. We have included a new proprietary extract of terminalia arjuna in this formula called Oxyjun® that has numerous documented trials and data available for you to read and research online.

Is this product using premium ingredients?

PULSATE is comprised from only the best ingredients with a robust selection of carefully formulated ingredients all aligned with key benefits to our cardiovascular system and maintaining a healthy heart. Blood from the heart delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell and removes the carbon dioxide and waste products made by those cells. Each ingredient has had vast amounts of clinical trials and studies that are available to read online and we have maintained our philosophy that clinical dosages are to at all times be used for all our products.


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