Blu Nutrition ATOM Advanced Pre (30 servings)


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Blú Nutrition ATOM Pre-Workout (30 Servs)

  • Increase physical performance
  • Scientifically proven dosages
  • Improved blood flow during exercise

Blú Atom is THE athlete's pre-workout supplement of choice, comprising of only scientifically proven ingredients in dosages designed to increase athletic performance.

L-citrulline benefits are mainly linked to nitric oxide metabolism. The main benefit of nitric oxide is vasodilation — it relaxes and widens your blood vessels to increase blood flow — which is linked to better heart health and improved athletic performance.

Caffeine is the most tried and tested performance enhancing ergogenic aid on the planet, By acutely exciting the muscles, caffeine is proven to improve markers in both strength and endurance. An effective caffeine dose will vary from person to person, as many factors can affect how it is metabolised. Nevertheless, you can expect performance enhancing effects with as little as half to one scoop of Blu Atom.

Beta alanine helps to dissipate the buildup of hydrogen atoms, which tend to incur during intense periods of exercise lasting in excess of 60-90 seconds (that will eventually cause the affected muscle to cease contracting).

As well as all the aforementioned ingredients, Blu Atom also contains Glycine (glycine has been shown to enhance peak power production and reduce the amount of lactate build up during repeated, high-intensity exercise) and a precise combination of Electrolytes to restore vital minerals lost during training.
Suggested use: Take 1 scoop in 200-250ml water 20-30 mins prior exercise

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