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Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel Essential Amino Acids

BCAA’s provide 3 of the essential amino acids essential to muscle growth.

Amino Fuel delivers all of them.

It’s true. BCAAs help build muscle and prevent catabolism. However, recent studies have shown that their effectiveness is limited by other essential amino acids. When you run out of them, your BCAAs stop working in the way we want them too.

Amino Fuel Delivers 11g of Aminos per serving, 9g of which are Essential Amino acids - all of which can’t be produced naturally by the body and must be sourced through nutrition. 6g of those are BCAA’s with an additional 2g of non-essential Amino acid L-Glutamine - which acts to reduce muscle soreness.


  • Full Complement of Essential Amino Acids - Essential Amino acids are the amino acids - the building blocks of proteins - that we can’t naturally synthesise in the body. We have to get them through our diet. Unlike BCAA’s EAAs contain all of the essential amino that our bodies need.
  • 6g of BCAAs - Amino Drive contains a 2:1:1 ratio blend of the 3 BCAA’s: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. This ratio is widely considered to be the most effective ratio of each BCAA.
  • Increased Muscle Growth - While BCAA’s have long been considered a great way to increase muscle growth, more recent studies show the effect is less than previously reported, primarily due to a lack of the other essential amino acids needed for the BCAA’s the work at their best. Amino Fuels full blend of Essential Amnino’s provides the fuel for BCAA’s to work optimally.
  • Prevents Catabolism When Cutting - When cutting, we often starve our bodies of a host of important nutrients. Topping up your full range of amino acids provides the primary building blocks of muscles without unnecessary calories, allowing you to tailor your diet in the way you prefer. This prevents your muscles catabolising as they run low of resources.
  • 45g of AstraGin - No, unfortunately it doesn’t contain gin. AstraGin has been developed to increase the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients, including amino acids for greater effectiveness.
  • Halal Certified - Amino Fuel has been certified as Halal by the Halal Trust

Who is Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel Essential Amino Acids For?

Amino Fuel will suit a wide range of athletes. If your goal is to make progress fast, this is the tool for you. Amino Fuel does everything a BCAA is supposed to, but provides the full complement of essential amino acids required to maximise the effectiveness of BCAAs.

Amino Fuel is particularly useful when cutting as it becomes extremely difficult to acquire enough EAA’s through your diet.

When to use Applied Nutrition Amino Fuel Essential Amino Acids

You can use Amino Fuel at any point in the day that it’s required, however the benefits will be most pronounced during and after exercise. For maximum effectiveness Amino acids of any kind require carbs and protein to function and should be used in conjunction with Whey protein or food for maximal recovery.

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