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TUFF Maxx Cotton Lifting Straps With Neoprene (Black/Red) are made wider than our regular lifting straps. These are perfect for those one rep max and heavy lifts over 300 lbs. When lifting heavy your grip will fail first, and you would never want to compromise your lift. These straps were designed to allow you to focus on the lift and not worry about your grip. Made with heavy duty stitching to strengthen the strap and make it last longer than the competition. The increased contact with the bar helps to improve grip strength, and it does so without compromising any feel for the bar. An added neoprene pad provides you with comfort.

Sold in pairs, with a single closed loop at one end and a carefully sewn off edge at the other to prevent fraying.

  • Black /red color
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • 6-7 mm neoprene added for wrist comfort
  • 2" width, 25" length
  • Sold as pairs

Hand wash with light detergent and let air dry. Not following these instructions will void any warranty.

*It is advised to NOT machine wash this product.

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