TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps


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These TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps are a MUST for when you are lifting heavy. Designed with a double-loop around your wrists, these straps help lock you into the bar or dumbbells you're lifting. They are built with a heavy-duty strap which makes these both strong and comfortable. The TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps allow you to grip the bar without any interference from the straps. They are designed to fit any wrist.


  • Deadlift Bar Figure 8's are used for deadlifting and everyday lifting.
  • Axle Bar Figure 8's are designed for strongman training with an axle bar as this is larger in diameter, and you will need more strap to wrap around the bar. These are larger than the Deadlift Figure 8's.

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