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TUFF Dual Ply Lifting Straps are designed for the extreme situations experienced in the strongman community. Developed and tested by athletes that compete in the Strongman Champions League (SCL) these will not fail you.

Used to set the Jon Pall Sigmarsson Deadlift World Record of 670kg at SCL Germany 2020.

Made as the name implies with two layers of heavy-duty cotton canvas that are sewn together to add more strength to the lifting strap. The material was chosen as it will grip the knurl on the bar, and with a longer strap, they will improve the bar coverage ideal for axles. These are rated up to 500 kg when training.

Suited mainly for deadlifts, axle deadlifts, rows and heavy grip movements.

Sold in pairs, with a single closed loop at one end and a carefully sewn off edge at the other to prevent fraying.

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