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Alpha Omega M3:

Scientifically engineered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to help people lose body fat quickly and keep levels low over the long term with Alpha Omega M3. A revolutionary blend of 8 essential fatty acid ingredients exclusive to Alpha Omega M3 that prevents the growth and multiplication of fat cells for a leaner body.

Alpha Omega M3 proprietary ingredient ratios are based on the latest research and Dr. Serrano’s extensive patient trials. Constructed with the finest filtrated ingredients. Finally a multi purpose formula that does it all: Reduces body fat, Destroys Sugar Cravings, Increases lean Muscle Tissue, Lubricates Joints, Improves performance and feelings of well being. For men and women wanting to achieve their body composition and performance goals.*


EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst is a revolutionary new formula scientifically developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Stress, age, food allergies, consumptions of refined foods, intolerances to foods, irritations from specific ingredients and other factors can diminish your ability to absorb nutrients. Poor nutrient utilization limits the ability to lose body fat, gain muscle, elevate performance and to function at full mental capacity.


The Alpha Omega M3 is geared specifically to optimize Fat Loss, joint function and performance while a vast majority of essential fat formulas are just for general purposes. Far beyond the high quality level of purified ingredients; the specific ratios of these items developed by Dr. Serrano during years of research and patient trials have proven to be highly effective.*

  • Cleanse Billions of Fat Cells
  • Keep Fat Storage Hormones in Check
  • Force the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel
  • Drive carbohydrates into hungry muscles
  • Reduce cravings
  • Lubricate Joints
  • Prevent body fat storage when food choices are far less than perfect
  • Support vibrant hair, skin and finger nails



In addition to the filtrated DHA and EPA (fish oil), CLA, ALA, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Flaxseed oil, Lecithin, and GLA play very important roles for improving rates of body fat loss while also decreasing common problems associated with joints. This advanced blend of ingredients can help to lubricate joints making daily and athletic functions less troublesome for certain problems. Yes there is a higher cost associated with the Alpha Omega M3 vs. many generic products, however this difference cost is invested into product quality and potent ingredients.- not marketing hype.*


Please read the Fat Cell Cleansing article which explains how the Alpha Omega M3 can get rid of stubborn body fat by optimizing fat cell function. Fat Cells play a huge role in the success equation and must be addressed with the nutrition and supplement plan to achieve the greatest rates of success.*


Alpha Omega M3 is not only a great investment in lowering body fat levels quickly, but also keeping them low long term by creating several powerful barriers to body fat accumulation. Satisfying fat cells with the proprietary blend of raw materials makes it more difficult for “garbage” to penetrate the cell to increase body fat even with the diet is less than perfect. Insulin is the body’s most potent fat storage hormone so optimizing these levels via improved insulin sensitivity is crucial for avoiding body fat accumulation while forcing more raw materials into muscles to assist with the recovery process.*

Alpha Omega M3 Forces Raw Materials into Muscles Post Workout

Alpha Omega M3 plays an important role in supporting the rates of muscle recovery and performance by providing raw materials needed for natural anabolic hormone production. Furthermore optimizing insulin levels which can be assisted by the Alpha Omega M3 during the meals post training can help the body force more nutrients into muscles instead of fat cells.*

Body Fat- Not Welcome

Consider your body to be a hotel and your cells as rooms in this large structure. What fills these cells will ultimately determine if the body burns stored fat, gains muscle, performs well, etc. You must fill your “rooms” with their desired fuel which is a special combination of healthy fats found in Alpha Omega M 3. Regular intake of the Alpha Omega 3 fills your cells with high quality nutrients and shuts off the vacancy sign to elements responsible for increases in body fat, illness and poor performance. Satisfied cell groups will block storage of excess nutrients and force them to be burned as energy producing fuel.*


Yes the Omega 3 stands for the popular nutrient discussed in many books as a leading tool for performance and body composition improvement.

However this is not just any Omega 3 source, we use ingredients of a special level of quality only accessible to the few researchers that understand which types of healthy fats produce the best results. Consume anything less than the best sources of fish oil and risk polluting your body with whatever toxins are encountered by fish in polluted oceans.*

Studies done with rats show that a high consumption of polyunsaturated fats will increase the size of the fat cells. Corn oil, specifically, and oils high in Omega 6 or other polyunsaturated oils can also increase fat size. Saturated fats increase the size and the volume or number of the fat cells, while monounsaturated don’t do anything to the size of the fat cells.*


Upon reviewing this study, I asked myself what happens if you change the ratio of fat intake as you get close to a contest? What happens to depression, joint pains, fatigue, muscle and fat loss itself? Well- the real good news is that my clients (6,200) have lost tons of body fat when I strategically changed their fat intake. This was especially true when I used a new structured fat supplement that can promotes fat loss, decreases the size of fat cells, prevents any increase in their number, reduces inflammation, increases thyroid output, increases muscle insulin sensitivity, strengthens the immune system and augments muscle building by reducing soreness and inflammation and decreasing recovery time.*


Proper supplementation considers timing, dosage and goals. When you combine the right ingredients at the right dosages you lose body fat and gain lean muscle. But — you must also eliminate certain fats at the same time. The secret is the correct combinations.*

Alpha-Omega M3 ingredients have been shown to decrease fat size and volume and to prevent fat cell multiplication.*

This is extremely important for competitors following a show who like to consume fattening foods for a period following competition. This combination will prevent the accumulation of body fat during your “off” time. This applies to bodybuilders and any person who wants to eat freely while minimizing body fat accumulation. Stay away from high polyunsaturated fats like corn oil and other oils like safflower oil.*

Alpha Omega M3 is formulated with a proprietary blend of pristine ingredients and processing to eliminate all mercury and provides you with the right fat ingredients, ratios and exact doses. You must take it with food for the best assimilation,*

Alpha-Omega M3 takes into consideration scientific data available and provides almost all of the ingredients you need to be successful. I say, “almost all the fats,” because we still need to consume good dietary fat sources from food sources. Eric Serrano MD*


Each Capsule Contains The following

Proprietary Blend 1484mg DHA
Avocado Oil
Vitamin E 10 iu
lecithin 50mg
90 Capsules per bottle

Borage Oil, EPA/DHA, Gelatin, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Glycerin, CLA, Marine Lipid Concentrate, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Purified Water, Avocado Oil, Caramel Liquid, Vitamin E.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water, Caramel Color

Suggested Use:

The average person will do well with 3-9 caps per day with meals in equally divided amounts. People with higher activity levels and body weights may need to take more capsules to experience the best results. Those who are deficient in Omega 3 may also require a higher dosage for a one month period before transitioning to a lower maintenance protocol.

Customer Success Stories

I have lost 67 pounds Over The Last 3 Months

I am not a fitness model. I do not work out every day. I am not obsessed with my scale. I did however get to a point where my weight became a serious problem. Upon completion of my annual health screening for work, my employer calculated my BMI. I was expecting to hear that I was in the “obese” category again, but instead of writing “obese,” the worker wrote, “Make your peace with God.”

As inappropriate as this was, it shocked me into the realization that I needed to make a change. I began adding cardiovascular exercise to my diet 3 times a week, improved my diet (less sugar, more vegetables), started drinking water, added a multi-vitamin and added Alpha Omega M3.

Diet and exercise has always been a struggle for me, but I feel like my metabolism has improved substantially. I no longer crave sweets and feel more satisfied longer after meals. I have lost 67 pounds over the last 3 months, went down 8 sizes and my BMI has dropped 11 points. I have a long way to go, but I have hope that I will reach my goals and am so happy to have found Alpha Omega M3 to help me in my journey. Natalie D 11/24/2014*

nsuming chicken too often can cause very bad responses as the body gets sick of this particular food. Consider how much variety do you have within your nutrition plan outside of the occasional meal dining out? Do you eat primarily the same 15 foods regularly? If so it is highly likely that have developed food allergies of some sort and may also have some inherent sensitivities for which you are unaware.


Food allergies, intolerances and irritations can cause tremendous difficulty with body fat loss, gaining muscle, digestion, joint pain, mood, mental cognition, sleep, breathing, skin and more. Individuals may be inherently sensitive to certain food sources for genetic or environmental reasons. Eating the same foods repeatedly can develop food allergies over a short period of time which create significant metabolic and hormonal distractions for the body to clean up. As a result digestive capabilities may be diminished due to inflammation and other problems which limits nutrient assimilation.


EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Complex was scientifically engineered by Dr. Eric Serrano MD to restore nutrient assimilation abilities based on many years of patient research. Damage created by food allergies can be more quickly fixed when using EZ14 with meals while eliminating the offending foods. 14 key digestive enzymes in special ratios are built into the EZ14 following years of extensive patient testing and research. Within a short period of time patients report reduced digestive distress, less gas, better energy and the elimination of bloating. Improvements with these symptoms can indicate better nutrient utilization which supports less body fat, more muscle and excellent competition performance.

Identifying and resolving food allergies has become an emphasis of Dr. Serrano’s medical practice to create excellent outcomes for a wide range of patients. Blood tests such as the Alletest produce a detailed report which scores the reaction to 300 foods. Patients who eliminate the offensive foods for 6 to 8 weeks see amazing progress with body composition, daily energy and quality of life.


We are born with billions of fat cells that act as a storage warehouse for good and bad materials. We cannot get rid of the fat cells we have, but we can gain more fat cells and increase their ugly size by making the wrong food choices such as fried chicken, Trans fats, canola oil, soy bean oil foods high in toxins. Proper nutrition choices, Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst.

The EZ14 Digestive Enzyme Catalyst taken with meals helps the body better utilize nutrients from foods while minimizing the sluggishness that typically takes place following eating. The Alpha Omega M3 and EZ14 work together in combination to cleanse billions of fat cells so they can collectively shrink in size which is how humans lower body fat levels.

Fat cells want the perfect ratios of dietary fats within the Alpha Omega M3 and will take in the good materials while purging out the larger garbage within the cells to be burned as fuel. EZ14 helps to break down the protective coating that forms around fat cells called perilipin so that bad materials can be more efficiently forced out of the cells to be burned as fuel. Increased levels of perilipin form due to eating refined foods and consistent intake of food allergens. Perilipin is an important regulator of body fat storage and once it is elevated body fat loss becomes much more difficult. Obese people have a higher expression or presence of perilipin than people of normal body fat levels.

Take 3 EZ14 first thing in the morning or during a fasted period to break down perilipin and as a result to help the body mobilize more stored fat as fuel.

Improved Nutrient Uptake to Muscles

Anyone wanting to gain lean muscle mass will benefit tremendously by using the EZ14 with meals to promote better nutrient utilization from food. More nutrients flowing to the muscles from quality food sources equals faster rates of muscle growth when combined with the correct training and recovery approach.

Relief From Eating Too Often

Bodybuilders who have relied on 5,6 or even 7 meals per day for years may have diminished their digestive capabilities due to the near constant stress placed on the digestive system. EZ14 will help to restore digestive capacity and drive more nutrients to hungry muscles.

Protein Shakes Cause Massive Problems

Consuming whey and casein from shakes, bars and packaged protein snacks consumed regularly are very likely to cause poor reactions over time. Highly concentrated dairy ingredients have caused food allergies, intolerances and irritations according to multiple rounds of blood testing performed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD. Symptoms can include difficulty losing body fat, inability to gain muscle, poor competition performance, bloating, gas, stomach distress, rashes, joint pains and more. Removal of concentrated dairy and other allergens revealed by blood tests resulted in remarkable progress with physique transformation, daily energy and quality of life. Using EZ14 Digestive Enzyme catalyst with meals can help the body restore excellent digestion as well as nutrient uptake quickly following difficulties with a variety of allergies.

Post Workout Meal Opportunities

The post training meal is an important window of opportunity to drive nutrients to muscles while creating an anabolic hormonal environment with the correct nutrition strategies. However all of these efforts may be a waste if the digestive system does not have the capacity to handle large meals full of excellent food choices. 3-6 EZ14 capsules taken with your post workout meal helps the digestive system more quickly and efficiently feed hungry muscles to maximize rates of growth. Stop post meal fatigue by improving digestive system efficiency!

Take notice that consistent use of protein shakes or bars containing whey as well as casein are a surefire way to develop severe food allergies. These highly concentrated dairy ingredients may trigger food allergies more quickly than other foods especially when consumed two to three times daily as many bodybuilding diets suggest. Dr. Serrano has found these ingredients can correlate to increased incidents of ulcerative colitis and chrons disease.

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