Blu Nutrition - Omega 3

With a whopping 1500mg of EPA and DHA combined, and a bargain at only £15.99 for 90 Capsules - we consider Blu Nutrition to be thee BEST quality, BEST value for money and most optimally dosed Omega 3 on the Market 😎 


Is it for me?

If you're somebody who doesn't eat omega-3 rich sources on a regular basis, then yes, this formula is definitely something you should strongly consider supplementing with on a daily basis.


Why should I use this product?

Omega-3 deficiency has continuously been linked to poor cardiovascular health, excessive inflammation and a decline in cognitive function. It stands to reason that given our relatively poor intake in quality omega-3 sources/oily fish, supplementation can plug the gaps.


If you're somebody who falls into this category, then you'll love our Omega-3 formula. It contains one of the strongest amounts of EPA/DHA on the market, and it's guaranteed to be free-from pesticides. In addition to this, all precautions have been taken to remove heavy metals, making it arguably the cleanest and highest dosed fish oil formula in the industry.


How to use it?

1-2 servings per day is adequate for most individuals. If you consume fish intermittently throughout the week, you can reduce the dose on those days. Otherwise, 2 servings daily are generally recommended to ensure you don't fall short on your targets.



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