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Chaos Crew Pumping Aminos EAA/BCAA

When it comes to building lean muscle nothing is more important than amino acids.

Pumping Aminos gives you an impressive combination of both essential amino acids and branch chain amino acids. EAAs and BCAAs are essential for you to increase protein synthesis and speed up recovery. Coconut water and taurine have been added for natural electrolytes and hydration, as well as several patented nitric oxide inducing ingredients for some crazy pumps and nutrient delivery. We have also maximised absorption by adding Astragin which has been shown to significantly increase the absorption of a wide range of nutrients including amino acids and nitric oxide ingredients.

If you want to train at your best you have got to use the best.

Ingredients per serving

  • BCAA as InstaAminos 6000mg
  • Essential Amino Acids 2000mg
  • Nitric Oxide Hydration Matrix 1800mg
  • Absorption Matrix 100mg

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