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D3 2000 features 2,000 IUs of high potency vitamin D3 for bone building, immunity, and cardiovascular support. Vitamin D3 enhances calcium metabolism and exerts wide-ranging health effects due to its hormone-like actions.* Every cell in the body has a vitamin D receptor and it is necessary for muscle strength, cognition, and achieving a healthy body composition.*



Known as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D3 plays a critical role in human survival. Our bodies synthesize vitamin D from cholesterol in response to sunlight. However, due to limited sun exposure, many people don’t get enough vitamin D, putting them at risk of osteoporosis and poor health.

Vitamin D helps ensure there is enough calcium in the body. Calcium acts as an electrolyte that is vital for the health of muscular, circulatory, and digestive systems. It supports synthesis of blood cells and is necessary for building bone. Vitamin D increases absorption of calcium via the small intestines. When vitamin D levels are depleted, the body pulls calcium from bone, leading to bone loss.

D3 2000 provides cholecalciferol, which is the active form of vitamin D3. Clinical trials show the following effects of vitamin D:

  • Prevent Bone Disorders*: When vitamin D is low, bone breakdown occurs to satisfy the body’s demand for calcium. Maintaining healthy vitamin D prevents rickets, osteoporosis, and osteopenia.
  • Prevent Muscle Weakness & Decrease Falls*: Low vitamin D leads to muscle weakness and increases risk of falling in all populations, including athletes and the elderly.
  • Support Immune Function*: Vitamin D improves the number and function of immune cells that fight off disease.
  • Improve Testosterone In Men*: Vitamin D inhibits the enzyme aromatase that transforms testosterone to estrogen.
  • Support Cardiovascular Health*: Adequate vitamin D decreases calcification of the arteries, reducing stress on the heart. A deficiency is consistently linked with increased risk of death by heart attack.
  • Support Neurological Function*: Vitamin D modulates calcium channels in the brain that control cellular brain health, affecting memory.
  • Reduce Cancer Risk*: Vitamin D is inversely correlated with increased risk for a variety of cancers, including breast, colon, prostate, and pancreatic cancer.
  • Support Healthy Body Composition*: Vitamin D is fat soluble and gets sequestered in fat tissue, increasing the risk of vitamin D deficiency in obesity.
  • Improve Metabolic Health*: Vitamin D supplementation improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance in people with vitamin D deficiency.
  • Reduce Mortality & Disease*: Low vitamin D is independently associated with many diseases and an increased risk of dying from all causes. Supplementation reduces all-cause mortality in the elderly.

Quick Facts

Are You At Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency?
Over 40% of the U.S. population is considered clinically deficient in vitamin D3, and more than 60%  have inadequate levels for health. Although vitamin D insufficiency is widespread throughout the population, the greatest risk is in individuals who lack sun exposure, regularly use sunscreen and sunglasses, are obese, use pharmaceutical drugs, live in cold climates, or have darker skin pigmentation.

Although it is possible for Caucasian skin to produce 10,000 IUs of vitamin D from several hours of full-body sun exposure, those living at higher latitudes above the 35th parallel or who have darker skin cannot rely on sun exposure from late fall to early spring for vitamin D.

Older adults are also at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency. Aging skin has a reduced capacity for vitamin D synthesis. By age 75, vitamin D levels may be as much as 25% lower than in youngsters.

Most experts agree that a vitamin D3 blood serum value of less than 20 ng/ml is vitamin D deficiency.  A blood value of 21-29 ng/ml is insufficient.  Over 30 ng/ml is considered adequate.

You can ask your doctor to order a vitamin D blood test to assess your values and determine supplementation needs.


Serving Size: 1 softgel
Servings per Container: 120

Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 50 mcg (2,000 IU) 500%

*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Gelatin (Bovine), and Water


Take 1 softgel daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Notice: It is highly recommended that serum 25(OH)- and 1,25(OH)2-vitamin D be monitored.


Vitamin D in excess of 1000 IU is prohibited for import into Canada

Women who are pregnant or nursing should speak with a healthcare practitioner prior to supplementing.

Anyone with a serious medical condition or who uses medications should consult with a healthcare practitioner prior to supplementing.


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