Naughty Boy Winter Soldier PUMP + FOCUS


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The Winter Soldier collection presents Pump + Focus.

NaughtyBoy® Lifestyle teams up with Thermolife® International to pack out Pump + Focus with a massive 5 grams of patented Nitrates. Winter Soldier Pump + Focus is powered by NO3-T®, MaXnoX®, Setria®, Amentopump®, BrainBerry® and AstraGin®.

Winter Soldier Pump + Focus was formulated to bring you “KING OF PUMP’s”, Pump + Focus contains ingredients to cover all pathways to maximise SICK PUMP’s! Pump + Focus contains a blend of L-Citrulline & Citrulline Nitrate at a dosage that is rarely seen anywhere in the supplement industry at a whopping 10 grams. This is followed by 5 grams of Betaine Anhydrous, 2 grams of patented Arginine Nitrate, and the clinical dosage of patented Glutathione Setria® and Amentopump®.

As the name states, after PUMP comes focus. We have combined premium ingredients to give you that fish eye tunnel vision, enhancing focus, concentration and alertness. The addition of this superior focus stack will give you mind to muscle connection.

Lastly we would like to mention the addition of Beta-Alanine to Pump + Focus. This isn’t just standard Beta-Alanine, we have combined Beta-Alanine and patented Beta-Alanine Nitrates to not only maximise performance but to make sure you get pumps on pumps!

Soldier “STAND BY”.

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