Trainedbyjp JPRE STIM 2.0


Flavour: Lemon Sherbet
Sale price£29.99


Our incredible Stim Pre Workout has been UPGRADED!
We now bring to you…JPre Stim 2.0!
This has an ADDITIONAL 2 patented raws!
We have added pharmacy grade caffeine in the form of Infinergy, as well as the renowned patented raw Teacrine, which is a natural stimulant known to hugely increase performance and nervous system stimulation.
We still have the 2 strong stimulants for the high stim lovers, both at hefty doses! With Juniper Berry at 220 mg and Kigelia Africana at 200 mg.
Our superb flavours remain the same, available in Cherry Cola and Lemon Sherbet.
The feedback on our original stim was overwhelmingly positive…we are very excite to seee what you think of this new and improved product now we have progressed it one step further!

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