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The right ingredients can empower greatness.


Free-Range Egg Whites

Egg whites are a natural, dairy-free and complete protein source. Our egg whites have been dried into a powder. They are inspected by the European Directive and safe to consume. Our protein bars are made with free-range egg whites - more ethical for the bird and more sustainable for the planet - they have a 1.8x lower carbon footprint compared to whey.




Dates are the simple, natural 'bulking agent' we use in every bar. Packed with fibre and providing essential minerals like potassium and copper, they keep you feeling fuller for longer on fewer calories. Dates embody a caramel taste, are naturally sweet and easy to digest, making them a powerful, extremely tasty, real food option to nourish you when on-the-go.



Nuts and Seeds

Looking for additional protein and fibre from natural sources? We got you covered! Crunchy whole almonds provide texture whilst cashews, flax and pumpkin seeds deliver balanced nutrition to feed you sustainable energy. Nuts and seeds are also packed with plant nutrients that act as anti-oxidants, vitamins plus minerals and healthy unsaturated fats that satiate cravings and power your personal quest.



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