Cybex - 790 Treadmill


Sale price£1,995.00


Fully refurbished Gym Equipment for Home and Personal Use.

Colour as seen in photo.

Delivery Available to Northern Ireland Only.

  • Motor - 5 HP peak AC drive motor
  • Speed - 0.8-25kp/h (0.5 - 15.6mph)
  • Incline - 0-20%
  • Running Area - 56 x 152cm (22 x 60")
  • Pre-Programmed Workouts - 9 on console
  • iPod and iPhone compatible

The enhanced speed and incline features of the new 790T appeal to those who want more out of their treadmill workout while still accommodating regular treadmill users. With a top speed of 15.6 miles per hour (25 kph), the 790T enables users to train at a greater variety of paces ideal for a mile to marathon length run or sprint training. The increase in maximum incline from 15% to 20% is great for walkers who want an additional challenge with an increased opportunity for fat burn. The added workout levels offer users a path to broader workout progression through a greater range of intensities while maintaining the same durability, stability, comfort and entertainment options of the 770T.

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