Chemical Warfare Bergamot Elite


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What is Bergamot Elite?

Bergamot Elite is a 60 capsule tub made up of 1250mg of Citrus Bergamot together with 50mg of Astragin & 10mg of Bioperine and is for cholesterol management.

Is the Citrus Bergamot Premium?

We source only the best bergamot powder from trusted suppliers. Citrus Bergamia grows in Southern Calabria, Italy. Bergamot orange contains natural polyphenolic antioxidants & free radical scavengers that are found to influence cholesterol & blood glucose levels.

What is Astragin?

AstraGin® is a patented, clinically studied 100% natural compound that assists absorption of many vital nutrients promoting a healthy gut environment and tight junction functioning.

What is Bioperine?

BioPerine is a patented clinically studied ingredient derived from Piperine (Black Pepper Extract), which assists in nutrient absorption by modulating metabolising enzymes, which may also assist in weight management.

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