Genr8 - Vitargo VS2 - 2Kg

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Size & Flavour: 2kg - Unflavoured
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From the USA, GENR8 is a brand you can trust because it has been repeatedly tried, tested and trusted by top athletes in a wide variety of sporting disciplines over many years. GENR8 pioneered the introduction of super soluble Vitargo in the USA and the UK (S2) and now introduces a much improved second generation product (S2) with even bigger and better results; The new S2 dissolves far better so you can dial up or down the amount of fluid to be added to your shaker; The new S2 has dial up or dial down versatility to enable you to tailor your dosage to your specific individual needs; for ‘top up’ energy; for Olympic ‘big style’ dosing for maximising performance; to overcome late afternoon fatigue or to fuel a competitive game or exercise session. You can now dial up the effectiveness of other supplements by adding a small dose of S2 for example to hydrolysed Whey to increase the potency of muscle repair and building or with creatine to increase muscle strength. † Increase your workout rate with the introduction of the S2 proven ingredient technology † Improve your fatigue threshold with the S2 anti-fatigue technology additive GENR8 S2 is tried, tested and trusted for all your personalised needs

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