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So first of all, What is TAO™?

TAO™ is the world’s most advanced Nootropic (supplement to help enhance focus and cognitive function). Ultimately, your level of focus will determine your success. TAO™ is designed to increase mental energy, laser focus, confidence, social fluency, creativity, motivation and productivity for as long as 8 hours to help take your game up several notches above your competition.

Yes – it is the ultimate pill. Unlike other harmful drugs and supplements, TAO™ is natural, safe and extremely effective at helping get you into that precise zone to overcome any challenge and achieve anything you set out to do.


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Who Should Take Tao?™

TAO™ is a True Human Performance Enhancer, ideal for entrepreneurs, athletes, bio-hackers, gamers, college students and just about anyone looking to unlock their potential and rise above. Whether you are looking to start your own business, are the CEO of a company, maintaining long-term brain health or an athlete or gamer looking to improve mind-muscle connection and response time – TAO™ is your partner for effectively achieving the highest success.

What do we think at NI Supplements?

Peter & Nieve have been taking it for the last 2 months and seen HUGE differences in their work and their focus when spending long periods of time on their computers. And both said they felt less productive when they didn't or forgot to take it.

A question we get asked a lot about this product..

Can I take it as a pre-workout?

Yes, but it isn’t designed for the typical 1-2 hour pre-workout window followed by a crash. Its designed for true high-octane mind-muscle energy for 8 hours clean.

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