Have Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep deprivation. It’s the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.
Killing testosterone, halting muscular development, and crushing performance. Yet so many neglect the importance of good quality rest and the benefits which it brings.
NXT Nutrition have developed one of the most advanced pre-bed formula on the market: Nuclear Shutdown
They developed this product after seeing so many people struggle greatly with not just getting to sleep, but staying asleep. With high doses of caffeine in pre-workouts, intra workout drinks, fat burners etc it's important for recovery and performance that we still get ample rest & recuperation. 

Nuclear Shutdown delivers essential ingredients before bed to enhance REM sleep, reduce anxiety and ensure optimal rest & recuperation.
Contains Zinc Magnesium, Ashwagandha extract, Valerian as well as Theanine to reduce anxiety, lower stress and improve restfulness.
Simply mix with 200ml of water and sip before bed for the deepest and most relaxed sleep you’ll ever experience😴
From the very first serving you’ll notice a swift infusion of relaxation take over your body, allowing you to feel tranquil and at ease as you settle down for the most important part of your day.
How to take it?
Take 10 minutes before bedtime as either a cold drink or make with hot water as a tea.
The choice is clear: either sleep better or suffer the ill-effects. Make Nuclear Shutdown your go-to product and maximise your potential👊🏻
 P.s You can check out other sleep aids we have here>>  and if you have any questions or queries email us at hello@nisupplements.com
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